Speech & Language Therapy

Speech therapy is needed by the ones who are having an inability to their fluency. The ones who are suffering from articulation disorders, fluency disorders, resonance disorders, receptive disorders, or any other such disorders are free to undergo speech and language therapy in Ahmedabad.

Speech and Language therapy could be due to the following :

Articulation disorders :

The human body can form proper word sounds for a particular word. So, if someone cannot do so, it means that they might be suffering from an articulation disorder. In such cases, a child with a speech disorder might drop, swap, distort, or even add weird sounds. An instance of articulation disorder would be distorting a word by saying "thith" instead of "this".

Fluency Disorders :

People who are suffering from fluency disorders are the ones whose speed, flow, and rhythm of speech are affected while speaking. Cluttering and stuttering are the two fluency disorders. Well, a person suffering from shuttering has trouble getting out a sound, so the speech may be blocked or even interrupted. On the other hand, the one who is suffering from cluttering often speaks very fast and even merges words.

Resonance Disorders :

This is known as a resonance disorder when the vibrations responsible for voice quality are altered due to a blockage or obstruction of normal airflow in the nasal or oral canals. The velopharyngeal valve's improper closure is another possibility. Neurological conditions, large tonsils, and cleft palate are frequently linked to resonance abnormalities.

Receptive Disorders :

Receptive language impairment affects a person's ability to comprehend and process language. This may make you appear indifferent when speaking, make it difficult for you to understand what someone is saying, or limit your vocabulary. A receptive language issue can be brought on by other language disorders, autism, hearing loss, and head trauma.

Hearing Aids at Planet Hearing :

We were established as Speech and Language Therapists in Ahmedabad. Planet Hearing offers specialized speech and language therapy for adults and children. Whether your child is struggling to learn and right or has trouble creating certain sounds, we can help. Our compassionate staff would listen to your concern and figure out the best possible way to help your child with speech and language therapy. Our team has the knowledge and resources to work with families and provide meaningful, result-driven therapy. We are ready to assist your child in reaching their desired goals in speech and language.

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