Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

Do you often feel a tinnitus sensation in your ears and people mumbling around you? Do you turn up the TV louder than others? You might need a hearing assessment. Hearing assessments are often overlooked but are a crucial component of health checks. Hearing loss symptoms may not be quick to detect until they become advanced, regular Hearing Assessment helps you in monitoring the quality of hearing and identifying issues before it becomes too severe or deteriorates. Millions of people with hearing problems ignore the problem and leave it untreated. Research has shown hearing loss has a deep impact on mental health spurring depression, anxiety and even dementia.

At Planet Hearing we use state-of-art equipment and advanced techniques to meticulously do audiology evaluation. After evaluation we address your issues and provide right hearing Aids to improve the quality of life and control of your hearing health. Our highly qualified and expert Clinical Audiologist would provide you with the highest standard of care and accurate testing that is in favour of you. We don't promote or are commissioned based for any hearing aid sales. Our true and transparent approach provides all patient tailored solutions that are derived best through combining the cutting edge technology and great clinical standards to ensure all patients get the best and comprehensive care they need for a Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

Noise exposure, infections and injuries are few of the roots that can impact your hearing. Book your complete hearing Assessment in Ahemdabad at our Planet Hearing for complete examination, diagnosis and best treatment that meets your needs. Hearing Loss can bring a drastic change in your life, but getting checked by a professional can help you get the right treatment at the right time.

What do we do Hearing Tests at Planet Hearing ?

  • Identify the cause and problems associated with your hearing concerns.
  • Comprehensive hearing tests.
  • Find a personalised solution to meet your needs.
  • State of Art Audiology equipment

You must be surprised to know that hearing loss is not due to damaged nerves or ear but actually impact caused by ear wax. Though, there are numerous conditions that increase the chances of ear infection and deteriorate condition. Book your complete diagnostic of Hearing Assessment today with our experts.

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