Hearing Aids in Ahmedabad

Hearing loss affects millions of adults aged 70 and older. But about 25 percent of them do not use hearing aids. Hearing loss is not only common in children and adults but also in newborns. It can happen in one or both ears, from mild to profound.

Due to hearing loss makes it hard to hear conversations, such as chirping bird sounds and others. Some people develop as per their age, but usually, it can impact anyone. Certain types of hearing impairments can be mended and treated. People who have been enduring hearing loss can hear sound and improve their hearing ability through Hearing Aids.

At Planet hearing, we offer OTC hearing aid devices that make it easy for patients to gain their hearing tendency back and live a normal life. Our team of certified audiologists offers a wide range of high-quality FDA-approved hearing aids. We provide the best hearing aid as per your hearing level, lifestyle, and preference. At consult hearing, our audiologist would go for a hearing examination and provide the best solution for hearing loss.

How our hearing devices lead to better living ?


Mental Health

Hearing better helps keep our minds attentive and sharp.


Physical Health

Hearing better helps us maintain optimal lifestyle.



Hearing better helps in keeping connected and communicating alive with your loved ones.

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